Increase your sales with on hold marketing

While your customers are on-hold, you’ve got their attention. So capitalise on it and hit them with a sales message or at least keep them entertained. We can advise you on what works and create your on-hold marketing plan.

Do more with your calls

Mobile App

Your office in your pocket! Present your landline number when dialing out, you longer have a need to give out your mobile number.

Receive landline calls on your mobile and dial to desktop extensions in your office like an internal call.

Call Recording
Our Call Recording service will record all of your calls so you can play them back online or download them to keep for future reference.
Some businesses (like those regulated by the Financial Services Authority – FSA) are required by law to record their calls, but the service is also widely used by businesses and organizations of all types and sizes looking to monitor and improve call handling.
Missed Calls

No business wants to miss out on new opportunities or frustrate their existing customers by not answering the phone; but, sometimes it happens.

Missed Call Alerts can help you cut down the time it takes for you to respond to missed calls and make you more aware of the calls you seem to be missing through the alerts you’ll receive.

Call Queuing

You don’t want to miss a call and miss an opportunity, but sometimes there are only so many calls you can take at any one time.
Call Queuing is a common solution to this problem. We’ve all been kept on hold at some point; no one really likes it but at least you can try and make the experience as painless as possible.

If your phone lines are busy you can place any new callers in a queue
This means you’ll stop missing calls and potential business
Serenade your callers in the queue with music on hold or periodically play a message. Great for those who get a lot of calls, or simply have less people to answer the phones

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant can make a difference, not just too how you handle your calls it’s about your business image as well.
This service goes beyond a simple greeting introducing your business. A auto attendant provides an interactive customer experience that sets the standard for your customer service.

Present your callers with different options to select from
Your callers get to speak to the department they need to, without being passed around improve the way you handle calls, without the need for someone to transfer callers to the relevant person.
Ideal for larger companies with multiple departments or smaller companies that want to appear bigger

Voicemail to email

Get voicemails sent directly to your inbox.
A bespoke voicemail greeting improves your company’s professional image

Customer Portal

Our customer area (coming soon!)is designed for all your needs. Professional music on hold and greeting messages.

Access your call recordings and call stats and even view your telephone bill online

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